Who We Are

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We are gospel-centered.

Jesus Christ is still saving souls and changing lives. Our desire is that all in Missoula may know the love God has for them in the person of His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. We believe that people need Jesus, and they hear that message through our lips and our lives. When a person receives Christ as their Savior, their life can and should be transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit living within them. We have the responsibility to live out the gospel before the eyes of others so they can “see” the change Christ Jesus has made in our lives.

We are saved.

You can’t get “the cart ahead of the horse”. A walk with God must begin with a relationship with God through His Son, Christ Jesus the Lord. Salvation is a free gift from God that is to be received by you. Being saved is as simple as A-B-C: Admit you have sinned against God, Believe Christ Jesus died on the cross for all your sins, & Call upon the Lord to save you by opening your heart to Him through prayer.

We are Independent, Bible believing Baptists.

Independent simply means we are an independent, self governing body of believers accountable to the Lord Jesus Christ. We are led by our Pastor and supported by our own personal giving. Bible believing simply means that we believe that the Bible is the word of God and the final authority in all matters of faith and practice. A simple acronym that explains our Baptist Faith is:
Bible is the sole authority
Autonomous (We are an Independent, self-governing body accountable to the Lord Jesus Christ)
Priesthood of all Believers (All the saved have equal access to God)
Two Ordinances Observed: The Lord’s Supper & Baptism. Neither are necessary for salvation.
Individual Soul Liberty
Separation of Church and State
Two Offices of the church: Pastor and Deacon

About Pastor Bryant

Pastor Bryant grew up in the central valley of California in loving home that did not regularly attend church. This environment left a void in life that he tried to fill with sports, friends, and activities.  This was fine at an early age; but as time went on, the desire to find something more fulfilling in life led down a path of destruction that so many get lured down, "looking for more out of this life."  Pastor Bryant had trusted Christ as his personal saviour at age 7 in a Sunday School class after learning of the great love and sacrifice of Jesus Christ; but without regular church attendance or a solid church to learn and grow in, he had wandered a long ways away.  By age 20 life choices were beginning to take their toll on relationships, his career path, and it is clear (looking back) that God was out on the mountains looking for this sheep who had wander far from safety (Matt. 18:12-13). We often must be broken before we are ready to turn from sin to a holy God...but all who do find that he is immeasurably gracious, loving, kind, and ready to forgive.
Pastor Bryant was brought back to fellowship with Christ by an invitation to start attending a small bible believing church that had been started in the central valley where he lived.  He would come Sunday morning (sometimes still suffering from choices made the night before) and hear the word of God preached, in truth, by a man who believed every word of it! This was what he'd been looking for all along. Having never been exposed to REAL bible preaching he was amazed by what was in that book, how it was put together, and how it always felt like God was talking directly to him. Shortly after this Pastor Bryant moved to Missoula, MT to attend The Missoula Bible Institute which was a ministry of Open Door Baptist Church pastored by John Haveman at that time. Having been called to preach in California but not knowing specifically what God wanted him to do, he followed the leading of God, and the counsel of godly men, and served in Open Door Baptist as a jail minister, Sunday school teacher, bus worker (then captain), nursing home at times, door knocker, street preacher...and bathroom cleaning technician.
On January 7th 2018 Josh Bryant took over as head pastor of Open Door Baptist Church. It was through much prayer and patience that God revealed his will to both Pastor Haveman and Josh as to what he desired for their lives, and ultimately the lives of those that would be affected by the change of leadership.  Pastor Bryant has been a member of Open Door Baptist Church since September of 2002, and he now counts it a great privilege to serve as the pastor there. He could not do this without his beautiful wife Rebekah as a faithful helpmeet, and his three wonderful children who God is continually using to "instruct him in the way of righteousness." Pastor Bryant would love for you to experience the wonderful grace that comes from growing in God's word, fellowshipping with his saints, and serving our worthy Lord together!  His sincere desire is to be at your service...in His service.